Occupational Therapist
Karen Armstrong

Areas of Specialty

  • Seating and wheelchairs

Counties Serviced

  • Meath

About Karen Armstrong

I am a Senior O.T with fourteen years’ experience in provision of Occupational Therapy services to adults. I have a background in working with clients presenting with an Intellectual Disability at various levels and clients presenting with complex needs and dual diagnoses. I work part time in hospice care where I provide specialist OT input to patients who are palliative, those with life threatening illness and for those at end of life. This includes provision of specialised seating systems, occupational therapy interventions, symptom control management – anxiety management, breathlessness management and fatigue management on both individual and group levels. I provide services to nursing homes in North Dublin, Meath and Louth. I am passionate about the provision of services to those who cannot advocate for themselves. I support all of my clients to achieve their goals whatever stage of life they are at.
I have a special interest in seating with postgraduate qualifications in seating and postural management for complex disabled clients. I have specialist qualifications in palliative care and oncology – including a deep understanding of disease progression and its impact on daily function. I work across the board with adults aged 18 years up

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