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Rise, recline & relax in comfort and safety.

A Riser Recliner is ideal if you have difficulty standing up or sitting down due to restricted mobility, e.g. MS, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or circulation problems. These ingenious chairs will gently guide you into a standing or seating position with the use of a built-in motor. Orthopaedic chairs offer a stable, upright position for the user, which reduces the pressure that is put on their bones and muscles.

The Heaney Riser Recliner
  • Dual motor riser recliner enables the legrest to be elevated/lowered and backrest to be reclined independently
  • Available in 3 colours
The Joyce Riser Recliner
  • Dual motor riser recliner
  • Rises and tilts, helping you to your feet
  • Available in black faux leather, coffee faux leather, and oatmeal microfibre finish
The Nevada Riser Recliner
  • Available in petite, standard, and large size
  • Provides countless recline positions
  • Easy to clean anti-microbial PVC upholstery
The Scotty Riser Recliner
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Stylish design with a high build quality and features a solid wooden seat frame
  • Innovative sit to stand feature that rises the seat horizontally
Oakham Orthopaedic Chair
  • Overall height, seat depth, and back height can be adjusted to suit user support or comfort requirements
  • Waterproof brown vinyl upholstery
Barkby Orthopaedic Chair
  • Designed for larger/heavier users with a weight capacity of 254kg & wider seat
  • Height, seat depth and back height are adjustable to suit the individual user
Queen Anne Fireside Chair
  • The high back and elegant padded wings provide extra support, comfort, and protection against draughts for the head neck, and shoulders