Transfer Aids

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For safe and comfortable transfers.

Transfer aids can be an invaluable tool for any domestic care situation, providing the flexibility, practicality and accessibility that those suffering from limited mobility need in order to live freely and comfortably.

Novaltis Lift Aid
  • Enables users to be quickly and efficiently transferred with ease
  • Allows the user to participate with the lift/transfer 
Casa Lift Hoist
  • The lightweight frame is easy to move
  • The hoist can be dismantled for transportation or storage
  • High lifting range and safe working load 
Banana Board
  • Curved board shape allows side to side and straight transfers
  • Max user weight of 200kg (30 St)
  • Non-slip pads for safe use
Sit to Stand Transfer Aid
  • Assists with pivoting transfers between different seat surfaces
  • Requires user to be able to bear weight and pull on the handle to stand up
Adjustable Transfer Aid
  • Helps raise users from a seated position to a standing position
  • Narrow width for standard doors
Slide Sheets
  • Large range of slide sheets
  • Single-use or washable
  • Range of sizes