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Daily living aids to maintain your independence

Sometimes you need a little helping hand when it comes to everyday life. At Beechfield Healthcare, independent living is core to what we do. Our daily living aids offer a wide range of products that make day to day life that little bit easier. These daily living aids are designed specifically for the elderly, people with arthritis or with limited mobility. Whether you need a hand in the kitchen, the bathroom or just about the house, we have a daily living aid that can help.

Rutland adjustable trolley
  • Steel frame coated with DuradipĀ®
  • Two angled sides provide safe handgrips
  • Tough clip on/off trays
Slicing helper
  • Holds food securely to allow the knife to glide through the slots
  • Perfect for cutting tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, eggs, etc
Kettle tipper
  • Includes a Velcro strap to secure the kettle in place
  • You can refill the kettle without unstrapping it by using a jug or a cup
Universal cup
  • Made from clear and strong polycarbonate.
  • Can hold up to 10 ounces
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Spout and anti splash lids.
Comfort Cutlery Grips
  • Non-slip grip rubber handle
  • Set of 4, includes fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for people who suffer from limited dexterity
Comfort Cutlery Grips
  • Prevent delph and cutlery from sliding off the table or worktop
  • Grips onto any smooth surface including underneath chopping boards
Comfort Cutlery Grips
  • Large easy to grip nail clippers
  • Removable magnetic magnifying glass
  • Increase or decrease the magnification
Blue metal shoe horn
  • Prevents bending or stooping when putting on shoes
  • Won’t snag socks or stockings
  • 58cm(23″) in length
Elastic shoe laces
  • Elastic laces that stay tied in place and allow you to easily slip your shoe on and off
  • Laces are 69cm(27″) long
Padded dressing stick with shoe horn 61cm
  • 24″ shaft has a plastic coated “S” hook at one end.
  • “C” hook on opposite side of the wooden model.
  • Shoe horn on opposite side of the padded model
Handy grab reacher
  • These handy grab reachers will make your life much easier when reaching for items on the top shelf of down off the floor.
Universal tap turners
  • Helps improve grip on taps
  • Suitable for use on most indoor taps
  • Easy to fit and adjust
  • Solid yet lightweight plastic
Flip a grip
  • The Flip a Grip attaches to the wall in your home

  • Stable and easy to grip support to assist you with transfers and movement within your house

Hip kit
  • The Hip Kit contains 5 items to help those with hip problems and who need a helping hand when it comes to doing daily tasks that involve hip movement
Grip-on furniture raisers 1.5″
  • Height adjustment is achieved by adding or removing sections of the raiser
  • Weight capacity 500kg(78st) – including furniture