What are the main benefits of occupational therapy?

It’s not a straightforward task to list the benefits as each patient (child, young adult, adult, senior adult) will require a programme of treatment tailored to their unique circumstances. Having said that,  in general, the treatment programme will improve the abilities of the patient in a variety of ways, depending on their individual goals.

The occupational therapist may provide:

  • Help with motor development to improve the ability to dress, shower, eat, and groom
  • Support to participate in activities at work or school, such as writing
  • Help with techniques to self-regulate for people with behavioural disorders
  • Support to perform household management such as cleaning and budgeting
  • Support to make driving possible
  • Identification and purchase of mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and ramps
  • Information to help with confidence building and social participation
  • Help to improve hand eye coordination to improve ability in sports and leisure activities