What is involved in the assessment process?

If you are applying for a grant from a local authority you will be asked for an occupational therapist’s report with advice on how best to adapt your home to meet your needs.

The Occupational Therapist will organise a time that suits you to meet in your own home environment. The OT will then discuss your past medical history, social supports, previous therapy input, and also address any areas of concern you have. The assessment may involve you moving around and interacting with various aspects of your home and generally lasts an hour.  After checking your performance while doing these activities, the occupational therapist will be able to determine if you might benefit by using a technical aid, or by some modification in your environment to improve your level of safety or independence.

Depending on the results of your assessment it may be necessary to complete a follow-up assessment to look into areas of your cognitive function or specific tasks identified in the initial assessment.

The OT may suggest modifications such as the installation of grab rails in the toilet or house entrance, the installation of ramps, as well as major equipment and adaptations such as stair-lifts, bath-lifts, and wet-floor shower areas.