Should I sell my car and use a scooter?

Many people can be quite reticent about selling their car as they feel like it’s a loss of independence. Whilst you don’t have to sell your car, it is advisable to consider whether it’s actually worth keeping it.

A car costs money to tax and insure, and that’s without driving it. It’s also worth noting, that when you turn 70, you can only apply for a 3-year licence that is subject to a certification of fitness to drive. 

Most importantly, you also need to consider if you feel safe and comfortable when driving a car, as driving can be extremely stressful, even to experienced drivers.

It’s always advisable to analyse if you could comfortably go about your day-to-day business without a car. If you want to retain your independence, there are a large variety of mobility scooters from small folding scooters all the way to road-legal scooters that can cover up to 60km on a single charge.  They don’t require tax or insurance and they are charged via a standard plug. The other main benefit is that you don’t need a licence to operate and they can be driven into the likes of a shopping centre or supermarket.  

If you live in an area with good transport links, and a mobility scooter could cater to your needs, then it might be worth seriously considering selling the car.